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Do away with crop notifications in chat please!

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  • Do away with crop notifications in chat please!

    I'm getting tired of being in the middle of a battle, whether it's in arena or running a Mp dungeon, and someone either weeds, debugs or steals them and I get a lag spike which slows me down or even freezes my screen. I don't care if they are taking my crops as long as I can get through a battle without having to refresh the game. I don't know if it is the problem just with the text but I know a lot of my guild mates and friends would like to see the notification go. It's not like we can stop what we are doing to go pick them anyway. If not doing away with it all together at least have it as a choice we can turn off in settings. Thank you

    If you have the same problem please leave a comment so they take this seriously.
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    Originally posted by Schmutz View Post
    I get a lag spike which slows me down or even freezes my screen.
    You get this from a series of system messages (or the related)?


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      If you are using Chrome, this happens because you have 2 (or maybe 3) versions of Flash running. Go into chrome extensions and disable the Chrome version of Flash so that only Adobe Flash runs, and farm notifications won't lag you any more.

      Detailed instructions here:


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        I would love to be able to toggle OFF the farm notifications, as well as all of the annoying guild altar win spam! If we enter Party Chat, Guild Chat, etc exclusively, we shouldn't be spammed with those things, as we're trying to get AWAY from that. Thank you in advance for considering this, as I see it as an absolute necessity.