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Guild Battle Gaurds! NEW IDEA Please READ andgive feedback!!

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  • Guild Battle Gaurds! NEW IDEA Please READ andgive feedback!!

    I do Understand R2 cannot change game content but they certainly can put a good Word in to get this idea promoted

    Okay so this is an idea i thought up to maybe spark a little more fun and interest in GB.

    Ill break this idea into points to avoid confusion

    2 gaurds will start at each teams spawns upon the start of GB

    Now say you have a gaurds that starts at the spawn at each GB team that will walk slowly toward the enemies Ward Tower 1 for each path route top and bottom

    This gaurd will Be only able to be attacked and not attack players wantin go pass by it. when the gaurd has been attacked it will b stopped in its tracks untill the The gaurd has killed the players attacking it untill the Gaurds hp reach 0 resulting in a Kill of the gaurd. The Gaurd will be similar to like a World boss fight as far as damage recieved and Dmg given.

    If the gaurd is not Downed before the gaurd reaches the other Teams Ward this wil reward the Gaurd attacking the ward with points for the opposing guild based on his hp left over then he will be Respawned back to the other side of the Guild battle and the process will repeat untill te Gaurd is downed or 1 of the guilds win the Guild battle by points.

    this gaurd would move at a 25% speed of a regular player not on a mount

    After each time the gaurd is attacked the gaurd will have a 10 second invicnable protect that would allow the gaurd to still continue to move without bg constantly stopped by players attacking it.

    If the gaurd is downed Then the gaurd of Team that Dies will lose some of there own Points in GB toward Victory

    Contrbutions toward GB that can influence the gaurd Could be something like this in the example below

    200k contribution = 10% gaurd speed movement or 10 seconds/cooldown of 200 seconds
    200k contribution = 20% gaurd healed/ Cooldown 300 seconds
    500k contribution = Ressurection of 1 gaurd/ 1 time use per GB

    With doing somehting like this the Overall points needed to win would have to be increased.

    Also the Gaurds would be based like the world boss hp based on the opposing teams Overall stats that would balance the gaurds for both teams in order for them to kill at the same chance and Rate as the opposing team.

    I Truly think this would make Guild Battles funner and add a little more excitement/balancing to the game even if 1 player is on the team his gaurds will b based on the opposing Teams OVERAL STATS OR BASED ON AMOUNT OF PLAYERS and the other will b based on his stats alone OR how many players he has on his team making it still a fair style to kill each guilds gaurd.

    This could help weaker guilds and add more competition from stronger guilds

    for his idea to work Hp pots should be disabled for GB

    ASLO for guild BAttles with no shows then you would have the oppertunity to still fght the gaurds instead of an enemy

    Hope you like my idea and give feedback
    Last edited by Kolinko; 04-01-2013, 11:51 PM.

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    You should know that R2 cannot and will not implement this, because this is not in the original version (Chinese Wartune).

    R2Games are just publishers of the game; they do translational work (translate from Chinese to English) and publishes it to the North American/European market.
    They do not modify game content.
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      Right but they can help push for the Idea For 7roads if we are able to insist enough player backing of this idea

      But seeing as i do not know chinese i cannot go direcrtly to the Chinese version to express this idea .
      Last edited by Kolinko; 04-02-2013, 07:16 AM.


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        Any toughts on this subject or possible add ons to this idea?


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          It's pretty similar to the war chariots so I don't think they would ever implement it since it would be considered an unnecessary duplication.


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            War chariots u Click a button spend 20k contibutio and it takes 600k dmg from wards thats it then wait 300 second Cooldown....Dunno how you could even compare ths idea to a war chariot....

            Im actually saying add Gaurds that are Free and begin....i dont think you read it all the way though

            Or do not know how the war chariots work


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              Its too long, and I don't even understand...


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                So as of now this ideais kind of crashing really thought a new interface to GB would maybe excite people +it wouldfocus on balancing GB and add somthing to do to No SHOW GUILDS


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                  I find this idea good, and would give GB meaning and more excitement as you would have to fight both the opposing team as well as the Guard who is constantly charging.

                  It was a well written post and something I would follow and love to participate with.



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                    Thank you Doctor i hope more get the chance to see it and Add on or express there oppion