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Losing out on items in multiplayer dungeons.

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  • Losing out on items in multiplayer dungeons.

    Due to the fact that players are limited to 3 multiplayer dungeon runs a day, I would like to suggest that Wartune does something to ensure that players do not lose out on items obtained from chests that drop from boss mobs in dungeons.
    I cannot count how many times this has happened to me in the game. I especially remember it happening during The Bloodlands MPDungeon on the chest that drops off the Horseman before the final boss, due to the game lagging. Despite the fact that I always politely request that my group waits when I am lagging until I loot the chest before they engage the final boss, on many occasions one or more members in the group simply do not care. Of course once the final boss is engaged there is no going back to loot the chest. I would suggest that Wartune implements an auto-collect for items if they are not physically manually looted from the chests that drop. Either that or do not automatically transport group members out of the dungeon and allow them to go back and check. It is extremely unfair that some members in a dungeon group lose out on obtaining items due to the selfishness and insensitivity of a single individual in my opinion.
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    I actually never understood why the chests dropped in dungeons or catacombs anyway. Why doesn't it just auto loot and send to your mail if your inventory is full?

    If you happen to be offline at the end of a fight (due to refreshing or getting disconnected from the internet for a second) that would have dropped a chest, it just mails it to you. The system is already in place for auto-loot, in this particular instance. Basically, it should just do this all the time.


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      yes good ideao dungeon drops must be auto looted because some player dont know how to wait!
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