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Help giving Staff the error/problems I was getting in Wartunes!

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  • Help giving Staff the error/problems I was getting in Wartunes!

    I have tried over and over and over and over again to give you the screen shots that I took of all the error screens I would receive while being in the middle of game play, but the site when I enter the server info says enter character info and all that comes up is character name with no names. So I have screen shots of errors that were driving me nuts because I would be finishing a dungeon starting a battle or about to get the prize at the end of the dungeon, when the screen would go blank, black, grey or white with an exclamation mark. I never did get those prized back either! I am done trying to do a ticket because it won't let me. I am sick of trying to register on this site. Whew after 30 days of trying to register and it saying that the administrator has stopped registering, please check with administrator, with no further info, I am finally registered and can post this info to help speed up the Staff fixes, god I hope! I converted my .docx to a .pdf and still your system gives me some error called bubbles, 413 ioerror number 2038 . So I don't know how to get you the document with the errors to help you, so please email me where I should send the info to or contact me and let me know. Thanks.