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Mag now is unstoppable lol

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    Originally posted by R26119117 View Post
    i love that new troops iam lv 59 mag with templar lv 56 i can kille knights and archer + 65 so easy now
    not matter troop they have i aready with 1 part of clothing can do 2 aoe and templar have very high phy def
    and huge hp this was awesome but in onther way i think knights are biggest loser from this update becuse
    they have only 1 aoe and all other skile coem for front enemy only event archer can kille by mag more easy
    than before ... i think mag now unstoppable build
    With post like this. This is why mages are hated in this game. Now you just gave them another reason to hate us more congratulations in pointing that out some more.
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      Originally posted by KnowingEyes7 View Post
      Who disagreed?
      Alot of them... go to that thread and see... they continously said that mages are weak to archers bla bla.... mages are the clear OP class now as they just dont have a suitable counter


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        People u guys better quit soon . Cause this game is becoming ridiculous of classes . Mages now are undefeated no matter what. SO ** up this game design like sh-t


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          If you think mages are owning all the classes, then you are wrong.
          But I'm happy you think this way; with your defeatist attitude, nothing can be done.

          Also hoping that archers get nerfed more, especially in WB.

          /sarcasm off
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