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Idea for Hall of Heroes / Group Arena Lobby

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  • Idea for Hall of Heroes / Group Arena Lobby

    It would be very helpful to be able to see the group composition before joining a MP or Arena room.

    I suggest adding a tool-tip when you hover the mouse over a room which displays character Names, Levels & Battle Ratings of the people currently in the room. This would make things a lot easier to find an appropriate room, rather than joining blind.

    Feedback welcome.
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    I agree with this I usually have a team ready for arena or MP Dungeons, but there were days, and sometimes still are when I didn't/don't have a team. For example group arena: It is really annoying clicking on a room, entering it, finding out the room/player's don't match your own character, then trying to remember the room number so you don't enter it again. I can go through several rooms until I find a decent one, just because it's hard to remember each room number I have or have not been in. Displaying the BR/Level of players in the current room would be very helpful, and likewise with MP dungeons
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