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iu can see that r2 games does not care what players say,

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  • iu can see that r2 games does not care what players say,

    they are not making world boss fair for all, if u are not an archer, maybe just play for free on ur server, and show them that way

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    i know i can't believe the second part of this patch is completely balen heavy. i was really looking forward to the world boss stand in because i always ****** miss it. but this is rediculous. same goes with the spire. no one will play with players who can't get the runes.

    they obviously make plenty of money, so idk why they did this. the game is already close to being p4p, seeing as all the high levelers are payers. but then again this is just a lousy browser based game and not worth getting upset over. it will be obsolete soon enough when something better comes along. then we get to do it all over again. because that is the nature of F2P game =p
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