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Server 2 World Boss Redoga

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  • Server 2 World Boss Redoga

    I just have one thing to ask..... WHY so low on the 10 pm world boss HP? Redoga never died so fast.... i think he is upset

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    If this is on the East Coast servers, the following is the explanation:

    World Boss HP is self-adjusting: If it dies too quickly, the HP will be increased. If it dies too slowly, the HP will be decreased.
    Yesterday, we had an update/maintenance at 2200 EST. This is exactly the same time 3rd WB is spawned. Since the servers are taken offline, nobody is killing this WB and it dies too slowly. It "self-adjusted" to lower its HP.

    Since it dies too quickly today, tomorrow's 3rd WB will have the usual HP.
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      Makes sense.. thanks, we have been wondering what exactly is taken into account for hp extension on wb... now i can explain it to others