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  • Spire

    first of all, thanks for the addition of spire into the game, its great, except one part (other than the lag, but the entire game is laggy at all part when multiply players are involved)

    make spire help-able like mpds (I don't see why one cannot enter spire upon no attempts to help a guildie out)

    no reward of course for the 2nd + attempts

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    I don't agree with helping guildies out on this one. Players should not be carried through here.


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      I completely agree with this. At this time, it is very difficult to gather enough members for a full 4-person run through the Spire, and many are losing out on the attempt daily. Some have gotten extremely upset with this hard limit, and it does not benefit anyone to have such a hard limit set. If others wish to do the single run and not help anyone else, so be it - that is their choice. It should also be our choice if we wish to help out others after our attempt is used up, in my opinion. Please do seriously consider this. There are enough limits in the game already.