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  • Astrals

    Astarls need to be fixed 16 misforunes in a row and wartune will not allow you to send prnt screen pic in how nice and then it tells you file is to large to upload come on wartune get with it

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    Lol, this screenshot does not show anything.
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      I think we all know the misfortune amount has greatly increased.


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        snibor it is no problem at all to put pictures here so nobody is blocking you from doing that

        as for the astrals this was already discussed a lot, the chances of getting non-misfortune are less so everyone has a harder time and there is nothing announced where there are any plans to change that, so just deal with it - pretend that this is how you discovered it and just enjoy the game so you can smile stress is not good

        P.S. here is my blog post about it last month: Wartune Misfortune Astrals
        and here is the screenshot to prove you that it is no problem to put pictures


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          I am not saying you did this Lavash, but what is to stop someone from clicking sell on a single blue or green, then getting more misfortunes, then selling a blue or green until they fill up the screen with misfortunes? I have never gotten a screen full with no green or blue.

          Here, I will even go prove it and do it....


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            Ok, so here is my example of ****** the misfortune screen. I actually had to sell individually 12 green and 5 blue to get this screen shot:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	miss astrals.jpg
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Size:	230.5 KB
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              To be honest, I seem to be getting to that 5th Astral a lot more post patch than pre patch ^^


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                Originally posted by ElusionM View Post
                To be honest, I seem to be getting to that 5th Astral a lot more post patch than pre patch ^^

                Sure I have found the %age of misfortunes to be up a little in my experiences. But overall - I don't think there's been much change if any. you win some, you lose some.
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                  It is absolutely the time they take the bloody misfortune astrals away!
                  I am personally sick n tired of them


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                    No they don't need to take them listen to players long enough and all they'll want to get are blues, purples and oranges. This is a way to keep players from getting lvl 10 astrals right away. Think about the pro's and con's before you suggest something.

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                      Well I guess it takes the honsty of the resal player away then but when I try to upload the pic it tells me file is to large why is this then,but I can honestly say I did get 16 misfortunes in a row I am not about to fake it