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Guild Upgrade Suggestion (Please read & chime in!)

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  • Guild Upgrade Suggestion (Please read & chime in!)

    Currently, we are seeing guilds maxing out at Level 10, and once they have all upgrades, the contributions sit there unless you use Divine Altar at maximum benefit repeatedly to eat through the contrib. How about an upgrade that goes beyond level 10 and keeps moving to, say, 15 (maybe higher)? Another suggestion would be to allow an upgrade to capacity allowed for Guild Battle instead of just 50 players. Large guilds have many players that don't get to participate and they quit, which loses money that would have been spent on VIP and balens for you. At the very least, I would like to see higher capacities allowed within guild participation in general.

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    Well, in theory this sounds great! BUT, before increasing the size of the GB participants, 7Roads needs to fix the lag problems with the Gb and other places! I had to reboot today i the GB and still had problems!!! Seems they'd notice these problems always seem to appear when they have a patch! Might be a clue as to where the problem is there - ya think???


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      ToA also taps the 'level 10' barrier. Up it.


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        Simple fix is to give everyone that wasn't in guild battle half rewards of what the people in guild battle got so if they won 1,000 insignias and 10 whips then the people in the guild that were not in that guild battle but were in the guild before it started to stop people from jumping and taking advantage of it will get half of that 500 insignias and 5 whips.

        Just upping the cap will cause to much lag in guild battle we already have 100 armors, horses, weapons, wings ect... loding at one time thats causing the massive lag.
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          You don't need more than 50 in a guild battle. The battle represents part of your guild, not all of it. The answer to your problem is that your guild is just too large. However, I agree about compensating others who are not included. Not those offline, but lower levels who are online and lose out.