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Thoughts on Post Patch Guild Battle

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  • Thoughts on Post Patch Guild Battle

    I was curious as to peoples thoughts on how the new system of guild battle is working out for them. Although the guild Im in, is second for strength in my server, and have no issues I remember what it was like when I started playing tune. With only 8 guilds allowed in the battle tournament now it shuts a lot of doors for up and coming guilds. Does anyone have some sort of solution or idea, or perhaps an alternative? What about an increased limit from 8 to perhaps 24? What are your thoughts wartuners?

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    Wrong forum.


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      totally wrong forum man... One would believe that people who can browse the net and play an online game would be inversed in the art of reading. One could never have been so wrong -_-


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        Moved thread to the proper location.
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          Best idea would to give every guild a battle 3 times a week just have it like so 1-8 fight 9-16, 17-24 and so on but the end of the week rewards only go to the 1-8 so that way 1-8 still get something for being top 8 and the other guilds can get honor and insignias.


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            I absolutely hate it. The only guild battle I could make was the one on Saturday. Not everyone who plays a game this expensive is unemployed... *moan complain*... I have been in 1 of them since the patch hit, and another 1 today, so I guess 2 of them. Out of how many is that? Three a week for 5 weeks? Yeah, I don't even bother refreshing my medal anymore, because if I did, I would have a net loss every week and would never get legendary gear.