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A thought I have not seen anywhere! JOBS!

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  • A thought I have not seen anywhere! JOBS!

    We should have jobs.

    Players want a trade system but giving no ideas for trades. I lost count of the years I have played games like this. The first computer I played a game like this on was a pre-pentium and I was the guy for the lan parties having an increadable 56k US Robotics modem. That should date it fine enough formy fellow nerds out there

    Give us a jobs system.

    Blacksmithing, cloth/ leather tailoring, Carpenter, potion maker, Jeweler, stone mason, etc. Just to give some ideas.

    It would be the perfect use for your Homestead which would be your city proper and home to your skilled trade workers. You can make better items by having them make you stuff with materials you gathered from adventures or the world market. These items can be sold, is the right grade than recycled or traded on the market.

    Please all player responses expand on the idea only. do not fill this thread with just "Good idea" or the like. If you don't like the idea give us an argument for why.

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    Quick after thought. Some items would require more than one skill. Others only the one. For instance, you would only need Black smithing for a knights weapon but leather tailoring and black smithing for any armer because they require buckles. A wizards outfit would only require cloth tailoring but would require Carpentry or blacksmithing and Jeweler to make his staff.

    Raw materials are gathered in game play and that turned into refined materials. Maybe the trade center could only sell refined materials and not raw so players are not as effective in taking advantage of multi accounts, as only the goods made would give higher exp rewards per item.


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      Then would you be able to contact your friends for help getting an item made for you? That would be wonderful in theory until you hit the friend limit and can't add the high level person you need (to complete your set) due to friend limits. I hazard to guess that this would not disappoint the devs, as that means more people paying for VIP to raise that limit. LOL

      This idea, if implemented, would require a serious overhaul (adding item drops to the campaigns and dungeons), figuring out where to put the trade/work request information, re-purposing the Homestead from what they've already got in the works for it, and trying to work out the bugs when they show up. Our games would essentially be broken with this major patch for a while, and I'm unsure how exactly they would implement this in entirety if they adopt the idea. I love the idea itself, however, and would love to be able to upgrade my tech skills to be able to craft more items for others to help them out.


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        Instead of the homestead It could just be a new building in the guild hall. I dont think you would be able to get friends to help you as that would make it alot more difficult on the devs part. but perchesting items made by friends and others from a market would be significantly less difficult