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Guild Cooldown suggestion.

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  • Guild Cooldown suggestion.

    Hi,my suggestion is this: i think if we can down the cooldown of the guild few a few more people can help the guild and sure we spend more balens,i said for example because any cooldowns are very expensive for down for example 621 h of cooldown cost 14908 balens i think is expensive for 1 player but if we can down this few a few for example you like spend only 1000 balens for reduce cooldown more people can help his guild, 14ks of balens is expensive for 1 player but between 14 players for example can be better for do it.
    Regards and thanks for your time.

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    But the excuse/reason will be that then some guilds will grow to fast, not giving others a fair chance to grow etc etc....

    I still say +1 though