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  • useles

    ow ow ow vip wheele its verry" useles,i colect vip token until over 1k n i use them all this day what i got from that no one good item i have,the one click vip wheele it same with normal click,and the most make me sick is i get over 15m gold from that i use all just for astral,what i got? i just get 2 orange astral from one-click astral capture this game is verry" make my acount like a garbage,why some people with more money spend so easy to get good astral?

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    Beny Knight :eek: S.77 :D

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    Not quite sure what your rant is about. One click does not guarantee any better results, it's simply a time saver.

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      Indeed even if i use one one click vip wheele you should try to get items you like on the wheel before you start it by closing and opening the wheel.


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        There are lots of threads about the VIP wheel and it's rigged nature...

        rolling on it lots of times in succession won't change it's nature.

        It'll only highlight how much extra stuff you get out of it.

        If you dislike the VIP wheel - gimme all the 'junk' you got.
        Originally posted by CreamySaucepan
        You are just a freakozoid... Monster of Frankenstein meets Jabba the Hutt... Frabba the Huttstein... :P
        Originally posted by CreamySaucepan
        Behind every fat Space Slug is a blood thirsty sociopath urging it on.


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          @Beny a few stuffs:
          1) First off, astral luck is a *****.. at one char it took me 25k star points, just to get a useful orange .. at an other char, it took 2k.. its totally random.
          2) Junk? You got many good seeds... If you would have checked atleast 1 other VIP wheel complaining thread, you would see that getting gems is less then 1/100000000... i wouldn't belive it was possible until i saw the screenshot of it...
          Just be happy you got lots and lots of gold...
          3) 1-click use gives same result as click once x8... Just you dont have to wait for the spin... and there is 7 less clicks..


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            Originally posted by krackenker View Post
            @Beny a few stuffs:
            3) 1-click use gives same result as click once x8... Just you dont have to wait for the spin... and there is 7 less clicks..
            One click sells all the misfortunes, and you don't get points for them. So it's better NOT to use this feature