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Technology stat reset & personal market

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  • Technology stat reset & personal market

    Just like skill stats, technology should also have a way to reset its stats, in a way that you can add or decrease stats on every skill or stat you want to change respectively, for the personal market, there should be a personal market, so that we would be able sell items that are no longer usable with respect to level, so therefore there should be a place to sell all the personal staff by displaying it and place a price equivalent to it either by gold, daru, or anything...

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    Unless you've made a HUGE error in your Academy skills (e.g. level up PATT to lvl 70 instead of MATT when you're a mage...), I see absolutely no reason to reset it. Everything you add makes you better and stronger, there's no downside. And if one does make such a mistake and not finding out and correcting it before level 25, one should really not be playing this game.

    As for the market: suggested many many times before.


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      With the addition of Spire, Kyanite shouldn't be a problem anymore.