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    First of all I would like to ask a question - IS ANYONE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT GAME BUGS ?!!!!!! Cose I think they just dont give a **** about it at all !! They making new paches and all that **** without fixing bugs ! I cant belive it ! How meny times WE ASKED to fix BOSS BUG in Moon Evel ( Forgoten Dune server ) noone cares about ir !!!! They say "There is no bugs " Well there is - each time YOU fighting a BOOS in Moon Evel game just STUCKS !!! Lag is MORE THAN 1 MIN !!! Sereosly ?! And they taking money for game as it not finished and is not running properly . Personaly I started to do some actions - I did find a lawer and Im gona take 100% of money I payed for this game ! If there is servise wich you cant use - they cant sell it as far as it is NOT SERVISE or its not working properly ! massage to GM ( GAME MASTERS ADMINS AND OTHER GAME PERSONEL ) if YOU guys will not take any actions about fixing game bugs ( making servis runn properly) Im gona cary on of my money geting back from you with a help of Lawers in two months ! Thank you !