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Guild Chamber UPGRADE and increased invader population for larger guilds NEEDED!

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  • Guild Chamber UPGRADE and increased invader population for larger guilds NEEDED!

    On average there are 3 invaders which give 10 guild contribution points each. This is far too little for a guild consisting of over 50 members. For guilds with populations for over 100 members, this plus the size of the guild chamber becomes a major concern. Let's try to reach out to the proper people, programmers and developers, and consider as part of the guild level increase to include increasing the size and occurrence of invaders. Even randomizing the level of the invaders would be interesting instead of them always being lv40. Make some lv50 or 60, and perhaps throw in a random boss type that drops gold, daru, and/or kayanite.

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    if this feature will be was only for Balens, becouse r2....


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      As I see it, the idea behind invaders was to give some free contribution to active players. However, the contribution bonuses were made small, so that smaller guilds with a high guild level would still not be preferred for this.
      For example, in a small guild someone could get 300 contribution daily from invaders, which isn't much, but it is significantly more than ~50 that you can get in big guilds.
      If the number of invaders spawned depended on the number of players and the guild level, I'd say that it's a good idea. However, it could be better to implement some sort of contribution awards for the divine altar (not guild wealth, for example, just contribution gain equal to the number of points scored divided by 100). (this will reward strong players more efficiently than invaders)
      I'm saying this because if there were lvl 50, 60 and possibly 70 invaders some of those would be exclusive to the stronger part of the guild, which already has a lot of contribution - the goal was not to reward the strong, but the active (lvl 40 invaders are beatable within 2 days of game time).

      This is why I'd recommend more invaders over higher level invaders, but otherwise, I agree with the idea. I would also add some small and rare rewards on the invaders. For example, a rose, a soul crystal or a similar reward on about 10-15% of the invaders (similar to the divine altar, but with less rewards).


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        now who could we talk to and deliver our idea?


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          Well I think this topic would go in the Suggestions and Feedback forum. :X

          But it's a good idea. Actually, a really good idea. Would be nice if it were actually implemented.