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PvP combat system

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  • PvP combat system

    Recent updates to the game a little discouraged, I do not know where to look there pvp combat systems, as he and the battle is uneven...
    For example archer... more damage WB=more gold + daru, more gold + daru=more lvl up astrals, guild contribution, all skills guild, new troops and high lvl... more gold=more talents
    all clothers lvl 3,4,5 etc... more rage...
    holy seal last stun effect 3 turns...
    where is the pvp system ? some on the battlegrounds can get full honor (3,000 per day), and some even can not afford a new medallion...

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    Is this another "Archers get too much gold at WB" thread?
    PVP system is Battlegrounds, Arena, Guild Battles. Those that get 3,000 honor a day are usually heavy cashers or people who stay at a lower level for more honor.
    I do miss the old Battlegrounds Picking on level 40+ players and hitting my 3,000 honor. Now I don't get any but what Guild Battles give.