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    I am a regular VIP player in wartune. The 10 VIP tokens that I get everyday to try my luck in the VIP wheel always turns up to provide me with either 20k daru or 20k gold where there are other better items like luck 7 stone, lvl 6 to 9 gems. I am more than certain that the VIP wheel is rigged. I will stop being a VIP if Wartunes doesn't stop cheating its customers like this. Shame.

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    well first of all don't spin with only 10 wait till you get all 36 so you can spin it all at once and second yes it is rigged but at max spins the 500k g and 5 skelly is decent return
    giving game one last chance :

    guild leader : endangered
    server 164 brighthollow
    class : archer
    current level : 54
    favorite title : Balenor's Number One Guild Master


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      Yeah, a quick search of the forums will show you that the rigged VIP wheel is common knowledge. You can get those nice level 7 gems, but it's extremely rare. I've seen a grand total of one ever pop up in world chat since I've been playing.

      That said, just use it's rigged nature to your benefit. You can count the 'junk' items and pretty much nail down the order after just a bit of paying attention. If 500k gold and 5 keys are both on the wheel, you're going to get both of them with a full spin.

      If 30 crypt tokens are on the wheel twice, you're going to get one of them (It takes a lot of refreshing to see this, but it does come up)

      Just pretend those big prizes don't even exist and if you ever get one, you can thank your lucky stars.