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Guild battle laggy about 5 - 15 minutes

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  • Guild battle laggy about 5 - 15 minutes

    I dont know how wartune never fixed this laggy. Since 1 month ago of patch 1.5 part I , my char always got laggy in Guild battle. It's about 5-10 minutes delay, i have lost so much insignia and honor because I always changed by other players in Guild battle. Have try to sent ticket 3 times until today, cant bear it anymore for this laggy. And the laggy only happened in guild battle, after that everything is normal. For note, i have used 5 operator 4 PC, 3 laptop to connect in this Guild battle. But it all same... I guess you all have this problem too... Note to r2: Please made this game better if you wanna sell ballens to us. They just gave funny compensation in the case I could got 13k Insignia and 13k honor if I am always have normally speed in Guild battle... And really disappointed for this happened to us most of asia or east asia player

    S6 - Duskin arena
    Archer lvl 73
    Guild: Infinity
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    Same with 134/137/140/143/146


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      same with s133,s116 and s119 becoz of merge