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what is best BR for lv up 60

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    Originally posted by bleedingxorange View Post
    the way dmg is calculated is (atk - def) / 2. then +- 10%. so -2000 pdef/mdef is actually doing about 900-1100 dmg. The pve set adds +300 and about 200-250 atk, which is 100-125 more dmg. Also, the refines on lvl 50 leg. are higher than the lvl 55 set, lvl 10 defense on 55 set is +25 while lvl 10 defense on pve set is +31 for an example. So with refines you could actually be making up more of the dmg you lose.

    with the pve set you lose around 500 dmg BUT as others have pointed out, you get increased defense and 4 extra sockets to further increase def. or add crit/block ect. The more dmg you will be able to take on top of the extra 10 rage per turn is worth a lot more than 500 dmg IMO and again with proper refines, you could make up all that dmg youd lose from the 55 set.
    You need to reconsider some of this...
    You get an extra 1k from the PvP for "NORMAL ATTACKS", if u add the skill bonus its a lot more... for ex a knight would get 1k extra from a normal attack and therefore from ulti slash he would get like 2.2k more... some increment huh?
    Btw i win against same BR level 50 legs knights and its very eZ.... they cant hurt me at all LOL...
    Just have a 55k BR PvE leg knight duel me and i bet my fortune that he wont win......... NEVER... i think i have slaughtered enough noobs who shoot for 50 leg over 55pvp to know it......
    Chinese people always shoot for 55 pvp rather than 50 leg and its a fact.... go to the server and see anyone(sub 60) wearing 50 leg, i bet u wont find many....
    This was the sole reason why there is no level 65 set as everyone shoots for them and therefore no one would spend balens in order to get the crystaloids and leg stones...
    The "ONLY" reason why people here think that pve set is better is coz its a million times harder to naturally you would think that its better right?? well chinese people have no such problems with regards to the pve set but they still shoot for pvp... i wonder why?? and yes i have an acc in the chinese..
    To end this debate... NO KNIGHT WOULD EVER be able to beat me (same BR) with the 50 pve leg and i have got a lot of grim reaps outta noobs to know it..... prove your point and beat me with the pve leg.... peace out..
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