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disturbing skill popup info !!!

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    Originally posted by CreamySaucepan View Post
    [ATTACH=CONFIG]38654[/ATTACH] ^_^

    Originally posted by CreamySaucepan View Post
    Stop typing replies to the forum!! You'll damage your keyboard! ZOMG! And stop using your glasses, you'll only damage them! Oh, and don't use your car, you'll just damage that as well!
    looooooooool okay i will stop commenting here because it's without any hope i'm not asking how to use my keyboard to play i know how to use it looool and i will use it in game just if needed :P and as i c u all are using ur keyboard to dont c that popup loooool i was asking only about that !!! thanks i was asked to post here and discuss but i c now we are talking about my keyboard loooool
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      I agree that something must be done about the pop-ups. To make them transparent is a great solution or towards the bottom instead of popping up in the middle of the battle zone. LOL


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        Ok I came back to read this and keep laughing at the image from CreamySaucepan. *nose burning from laughing while drinking Ginger Ale* Thanks, Creamy.

        To be fair, in the case of users who are unable to employ their keyboard for whatever reason, making the information more transparent or somehow integrating the CD and Rage Cost into the icon itself would be beneficial to them. Otherwise, it may be time to invest in a better external USB keyboard.