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new map ideas

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  • new map ideas

    Ok from the looks of the world of wartune we already have everything from forest,mountains,desert,plains. So there is two type of maps that is missing from wartune. Were missing snow and ice terrain and also like the wetlands or something. Anyways some ideas to toss at yeah for new maps for 60-70 maps
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    There already is a swamp?

    Maybe something like a city slum/urban sprawl type map too? loads of dilapidated thrown together shed type buildings, with occasional more secure properties...
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      Well 60-70 maps is already done. Looks pretty dark. But I'm still waiting on the level 70 plus areas.. keep qetting quests to go on party run to kill Edward (sparkly vamp point me at him and gladly) but no hall of hearoes yet to go to. Endless path been staring at me for a very long time, no campaign. I'll just keep waiting.

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