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Medallion Suggestions

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  • Medallion Suggestions

    we all know the Medallion have 7 days to expire but the timer start at the same time we buy it
    so my suggestion is :
    1-make the Medallion timer trigger only when we ware it first time so i can have the Medallion in my inventory but it will not start count down 7 days until i ware it
    2- make the Medallion timer to stop when i dont ware it

    the Benefit of that is :
    1-we can save space in inventory by convert insignia to Medallion
    2-if i will go offline for 2-3 days for example i will save my Medallion from being expired

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    Naw. You can then optimize your medallion to be used for like 30 days instead of 7.
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      Yeah, only counting down while you're wearing it would just cause everyones medallions to last for weeks at a time, like Condor said.

      Not starting to count down until the first time you put it on would be kinda neat, but I'm sure it would require a complete code rewrite, which R2 just flat out won't do. If it's not in the Chinese version, we're not getting it here.. Period. If it's in the Chinese version.. we still might not get it.