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No More Easter Egg !!

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  • R26119117
    started a topic No More Easter Egg !!

    No More Easter Egg !!

    yes like i say no more easter egg i think R2 ***** us now we cant
    get clothing for free any more only get this exp crops
    i think i going to leave game i dont know why i can play game think only
    on my cash not think to imbrove our game play as free player anyway
    i was have good friends here but i cant play this game any more
    << pay 2 play >> finaly i wanna say thx for great player i meat thim here good bye

  • Bigblete
    You DO can play for free and keep playing for free :O I don't understand where you say 'pay to play' this is free to play, not a single penny is required.

    If you mean being strong without paying, that's another story. This is a FREE to PLAY, but a PAY to WIN game. Difference there. It is nice being able to play as much as you like without having to pay a monthly fee

    If you want stronger, you can pay, if not, simply do not

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