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Guild Valhalla on s37

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  • Guild Valhalla on s37

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    Hello i would like to in name of Guild Valhalla introduce our official site All users are welcome

    Little introduction.....

    In Wartune mythology, Valhalla (from Old Wartuneish Valhǫll "hall of the winners") is a majestic, enormous hall located in S37, ruled over by the god Crono™. Chosen by Crono™, half of those who win in combat travel to Valhalla upon victory, led by troops, while the other half go to the wilds. In Valhalla, the victors join the masses of those who have won in combat known as Guild Battle, as well as various legendary equipped knights, archers and mages, as they prepare to aid Crono™ during the events of Wartune. Before the hall stands the golden Tree of Ancients, and the hall's ceiling is thatched with golden shields. Various creatures live around Valhalla, such as the warlocks and templars, both described as standing atop Valhalla and consuming the foliage of the Tree of Ancients

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    Doesn't look to bad, the text looks a tad bit small though.


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      hahaha lol


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        Originally posted by Patyfatycake View Post
        Doesn't look to bad, the text looks a tad bit small though.
        Oh well this is fresh start we will fix minor things soon


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          Very nice website guys. Keep it up!!!

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