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A small anniversary for me - 200 Wartune videos on YouTube - Thank You!

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    Nice job lavash!! Please ignore the haters over here they just want to spill their real life anger and hatred all over others....
    As for useless posts i can remember ALOT of useless posts not relating to wartune at all... one was just a pic of "gamer's logic" .... why dont u guys criticize that post??


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      Originally posted by ElusionM View Post
      How about as a moderator for these forums you do your job and move it to the correct section of the forums.
      Its actually far more annoying to see you post in every single thread that LAVASH makes saying the same thing. Is anyone forcing you to click on his threads? nope. Is anyone forcing you to visit his blog and/or youtube? nope.

      I've never played with LAVASH before nor have i ever talked to him, but I will say as a knight I love what he has done because if you take a peek at youtube hes pretty much the only knight making videos for wartune. I do appreciate that and seeing as how HE IS DOING THIS without really being paid, yes maybe he wants some traffic for his blog/youtube to get a little money on the side for all his hard work. I have no problem to support that at all.

      While you say this isnt in the right section, take a peek at a ton of other threads in this forum started by other people than LAVASH. funny how you only try to police his threads. And seeing as how most of these videos/things on his blog DO HAVE TO DO WITH THE GAME, it is UP FOR DISCUSSION. Obviously if the Mods did not think so, they would move it.

      Anyway, Congrats LAVASH iv been watching your videos for a while now always good to see more coming
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        Originally posted by PunkPetal View Post
        I think I can safely say I speak for the whole forum in saying we want more bacon
        You fool! I dun want moar bacon! So arrogant....

        Oh wait... maybe i do. O.O

        [S1] Temple of Ibalize


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          Thank you for the support you guys, I appreciate it very much as I do indeed believe that i am doing positive and good things for Wartune and Wartune community