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Guild blessing ... want a spin all option like vip wheel

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  • Guild blessing ... want a spin all option like vip wheel

    ello mods and devs and R2 staff , all players ... was thinking about upgrades and stuff a minute ago and you know theirs a option to spin all on VIP wheel , some point in the future can you try and develop a spin all option for Guild Blessing aswell because i think that would be pretty cool and helpfull in some ways too .... all feedback welcome and more suggestions = more people using there brains = WIN

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      Noooooo..... I spin mine manually cuz I can get moooorreeeee........ and usually get what i want most times ^^
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        only if u promise give me crypt key noob.. then i'll agree to this ROFL


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          *doesn't show Oni her massive CK stack...*

          Anyhow, some people, like 469 here seem to kind of aim for what they want and then actually get it. So they won't benefit from it. Then again, like the VIP wheel has two options (All and single run), I'm sure there are ppl that want to spin all in Guild Altar.


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            Can i have spin all for 24 turns as it helps :P


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              +1 to this idea.
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                *is blinded by Zaraki's signature*

                and nice idea OP noob.
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