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  • Converting Troops

    Hello all! So, here is my idea. Hypothetically lets say you're level 49 about to hit level 50 and you're jazzed up about getting new troops. you have level 40 knights which equals out to 10,075,050 daru. What if they made an ability to convert the daru spent on that knight for a higher class of troop. Now before everyone jumps on the band wagon and says that is a bad idea, make it costly to us. If we convert any of our troops into daru like that, force us to take a huge cut of 50% (or whatever you see fit). so in this instance you would get 5,037,525 daru out of it and now your knights are back at level 1. Please let me know what you think and support this thread if you think its a good idea or have more to add to it! See you all on the battlefield! -XiisSiix

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    Nope. If you paid the daru, you shouldn't get it back.

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      Don't like it at all. It's like you have loyal employees and they get you to the next level so you just fire them all while allowing the new employees to reap all the rewards while also asking for the wages you paid the fired employees back. Doesn't work. We can pay to convert our enlightenment level and that's pretty much all that should be done.

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          I agree with this, personally. Level field for everyone, convert what you've already put into the game thinking you had the highest troops possible before new ones were introduced. Even then, I understand why some are disagreeing. Can't please everyone.


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            It's about conversing your daru that you spend. You stop at certain levels for you troops. You had no problems with pallys going to gryphs or gryphs going into knights/angels. So why is this such a big deal now? Only people who should be complaining are ones that have very high lvl 40 troops already. Even then though they had plenty of time to save the daru they have for the new troops out there. If you are on a new server you stop your knights/angels at lvl 40 at most and save the daru you get from that to when you get to 50. If your lucky you have over 10m daru saved up which is about lvl 30 templars/warlocks.