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People complaining about "stealing" ancient seeds

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  • Originally posted by R28901959 View Post
    Im really tired about those complaining about crops stolen in World Chat whole day . Just simple thing Delete all friends then. After that no1 revive or help u weed , Energize ,Bug etc.. Are u gonna dig up your own crops Lmao
    Then don't read world chat. Try and read the opening of the thread, i don't see any complaining there, just a rectification on what someone has claimed. I have deleted the 8 people who stole from me, without any complaints from me and not only because they stole my seeds' harvests, but because they weren't that good at helping my farm either. I am left with 14 pages of active friends who do not camp my farm and whose farms i do not camp, especially when there is an event like this. As a result, my farm is well tended, my friendship levels are generally high and so we all enjoy extra rewards.