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Grace period to collect plants

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  • Grace period to collect plants

    I wish there was a grace period after the plants are ready to harvest to where only the farmer could collect. So that people cannot camp at your farm to steal your plants as soon as they are ready to harvest.

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    There is an option in the future for protection but it will cost Balens.


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      Im not one to get too terribly upset over crop steals, even with the current (terrible) event, but a grace period would be nice. I mean, you can be sitting at your crops ready to go and lose out because someone else has faster reaction time.

      They could essentially do the battleground post fight protection for your crops. That way if you're sitting there waiting, they're always yours, and if not, in a few seconds it's open to the world. They won't do it, I'm sure of that, but it would be nice.


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        also, I really think it's about the server sending crops ready message to who first? I was waiting for my seeds, spam clicking first seed even.. yet when I saw them matured, already 20 were stolen.. thank r2games for giving everyone else the ready message before giving me to me I guess.. at least 3 mins grace would be nice..

        In fact, i came to this forum to post the exact same idea.. so, r2games, her this: people has been busy unfriending each other since yesterday and yet you are thinking about a balens protection theme? good game administration!!


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          About this terrible event.. u can plant 18 seeds per day, each may be stolen once..your farm produces 'em based on lvl, so u get 13+ spirits..the thing is only 18 can be stolen per day but u can steal 200 per really is it a bad thing to share..think about it, who gets more..whiner who removes friends or ppl that share.. -.-