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Sever 4 is getting boring

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  • NotWhoUThink
    started a topic Sever 4 is getting boring

    Sever 4 is getting boring

    I know this probably will not set well with a lot of people on S4, but I would like to see my server be included in a merge, with some other server, battling the same people every day is starting to get boring and also the new g.b set up is fine, but I know for a fact that guilds are now keeping people who haven't been online for months on their guild roster just so they still qualify for g.w, this is really unfair for guilds that work very hard to recruit members so they can raise their guild battle rating to qualify for g.w. R2 needs to check out guilds that are simply keeping inactive members on their rosters, just so they can continue qualifying for g.w.
    but a merge is something that really needs to happen first, because I know this game is getting a little boring for me and several others in my guild. I think its time that R2 look into S4 and they will find that we haven't been looked into for a possible merge.

  • CondorHero
    Battling the same people = boring?
    That means that you'll feel the same way after a server merge.

    Server merges happen when the player population falls below a pre-fixed threshold. It will not happen simply because you find it "boring".

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