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  • guild battle

    ok lets say your in guild battle and the other team has the top four players, but your team has 8 of the next ten highest br s after those four. the top four have br s of lets say about 55k and your teams top ten after them range from 45k to 53k. after those players your guild matches up stronger man to man. who will win? one hundred percent of the time you lose. it should not work that way. which is why i think that in guild battle you should only recover 50 percent of lost hp per battle. this would add a lot of strategy to the battle as well as make the winner less predictable. tell me what u think about this. thanks

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    sumpah aku kagak tau


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      It comes down to strategy, in that scenario it's pretty evenly matched. If your guild follows a strategy and doesn't just attack the first person they see, you can actually win. So I would say 100% of the time you will lose if your guildies can't follow simple instructions or devise a plan to win.


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        i would say u are mostly right elusionM but ive seen the scenario play out time and time again months back. i still think it would be better if u didnt regain all of your hp after battle. it would force those with extremely high br s to be more team orriented. u can throw all the pawns u want at these guys now with no penalty to them but a slight delay. its worth trying on a test server