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PvP Titles(Executioner & Prize Figher)

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  • PvP Titles(Executioner & Prize Figher)

    Anyone get their Executioner or Prize Fighter titles out of the way yet? Was wondering the colour quality of them if they were blue, purple or orange. Leaning towards probably purple, with Grim Reaper probably Orange.

    Executioner if you farm all 8 BGs a day and average 22 kills you could get it in a week. Prize Fighter if you hit up both time slots and average 90% win ratio doing matches for both 2 hours you can average it in 4-5 days.

    Let me know if any of you have worked on farming it out real quick.

  • #2
    hmm, honestly, i doubt anyones gotten a thousand kills in bg yet.


    • #3
      Executioner is Pink it's the same color as Crusader title.


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        As u know crusader is no longer pink but grey now most general honors are until high commander as for prize fighter is easy with executioner title already got it going for grim reaper now and still 38 and forever

        Until I get some awesome mounts I will stay but not too long than 10 months
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          Stop necro bumping threads dude, this is like the third ?
          East coast archer.


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            both title pink colour
            and grim reaper gold
            Nubito the Super Noob Mage in The Badlands


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              Some genius bumped a thread that is 9 months old.
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                Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
                Some genius bumped a thread that is 9 months old.
                lol, i just notice it
                Nubito the Super Noob Mage in The Badlands