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Suggestion for R2GAMES staff.

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  • Suggestion for R2GAMES staff.

    Nick : CallMeDoc (Mage - Cleric)
    server : S6 (frostwhisper plain)

    i got suggestion for this game.

    1. i think it would be better if you split all PVP event ( WB, GB, Chamber Fate, SB ) based on player level.
    split them into 2 groups :
    1st group start from lvl 30 to lvl 59.
    2nd group start from lvl 60 to lvl 80.

    so it can create fair atmosphere for all player on PVP event.

    2. inside GB u can add up some elite monsters (spawn randomly), it drop more gold and other things. or spawn WB, all team can rush and attach WB..
    The winner is player that land most damage, rank from 1 to 5. give good reward, so ppl won't feel bored.

    thank you

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    that sound fun too ;D
    One for all, all for one.
    Once a sHini, Always a sHini.


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      Under leveled were complaining already how unbalanced BG is. Making it bracket 30-59? Good luck with that