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The cheapest way to make lv 3 wings

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  • The cheapest way to make lv 3 wings

    guys need some help i have lv 2 wings and Baby wings ...

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    The cheapest way is to use individual fashion cores @ 395 a pop, but you have a high probability of failure.

    The safest "cheapest" way is to buy a regular pair of wings (your baby wings are useless here) for 1995 balens, 5 Fashion Core for 1975 balens (though if you have some from the various events or Spire, this cuts down on your balen cost), and 5 Good Luck Charms (max 1975 balens, though again the cost can be reduced if you have these from events, including the current Ancient Spirit one).

    So safest method costs you 5945 balens. If you have any cores or charms, your costs go down by 395 balens each.


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      A friend of mine is made lv 3 wings with lv 2 wings + 5 cores it cost 1975 balens and result is good
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