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PvP combat system

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  • PvP combat system

    Do something finally with archers, I will not repeat because it has already been written many times on the forum, archers fight is about more or less up to 50 levels, then their advantage in damage and the rate of use of skills is too high...
    I'm a mage, and I think it should use mage skills faster than the archer, often weaker archer skils through greater use of more powerful opponent wins, it should not be...

    looks like most of the archer pvp fight for my example...
    round 1 - I use skill "rain of fire", archer use skill "multi shot" or "lunatic fire" and "arrow strike"
    round 2 - I use skill "lightning bolt", archer use skill "arrow strike"... and use skill "multi shot"
    round 3 - I use skill "lightning bolt", archer use skill "arrow strike"
    round 4 - I use skill "rain of fire", archer use skill "lunatic fire"... and use skill "arrow strike"
    in the end I lose, I have 0 HP where archer has half HP... and who is losing? I have 63 lvl , archer 55 lvl... I no longer have the higher lvl archer, the battle is uneven and often archer wins

    little to deter the game, because I often could see would win, but by the archer more skills than mage uses mostly wins

    how big is the advantage of archers can be seen even in the arena duel, players such as knight or mage come to a rank and standing in the place, you can not break down, and it's what kind of players, players top server, even with high lvl

    thanks to recent upgrades archers are too strong, top WB, more gold and daru, more gold guild contribution, more guild skills, more astrals and lvl up astrals, clothing more rage, new troops more hp, etc

    They not only play here, others will cha have fun in the game, and unfortunately, it is not.

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    Okay, I can already see a major problem with the skills you are using. How is your skill tree set up? Mages rely heavily on AOE's to wipe the opponents troops. Before the clothing update I was able to cast damnation, lightning bolt, rain of fire. Now with the clothing update, its Damnation, rain of fire, at which time most of peoples troops are gone, unless they have extremely high level. I would say that its not archers being way OP, but the way you have your skill tree set up. Also, I see several mages ingoring to build there Pdef. Remember, we also fight knights and archers.

    *I also forgot to add that for F2P mages, it is possible to have a good balanced skill set, especially at level 63.
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      Seems to me like you're having lag problems, archers have a faster cast time than mages yeah, but not to allow them to double cast you every round, pretty much the only time they can double cast against you is when you're using meteor or thunder, or if the fight lasts long enough for the time gap between your turn and the archer gets much closer, there is another possibility that you're not using the skills as soon as you're able to.

      I'm a 61 mage and don't have this problem, the only time i have it is when i'm lagging due to either lag caused by connection and/or machine, which indeed got worse with the 1.5 update.


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        I am an archer and I can cast 2 spells while opponents (players) cast one ONLY:

        1. if I time my spells correctly and the opponent doesn't (once per fight at most)
        2. if the opponent is selecting his spells at the moment when he would fire the basic attack (if he has the worst timing possible)
        3. if the opponent casts a slow spell like the variations of delphic or the holy seal
        4. if the opponent is lagging so hard he cannot attack - then I can cast it about once per fight

        If I select it fast enough I am the one who attacks first in the fight so that helps a bit too.

        From your description archers can use almost double the number of skills in the same number of rounds. I have never experienced that.

        And considering the latest upgrades and parts of the game:
        - talents - archers have the worst by far (I think mages have the best, but I'm not sure)
        - arena - mages OWN the arena
        - clothing - since it appeared, mages can cast damnation and rain of fire in the first 2 turns which is ridiculously overpowered
        - troops - my maxed out troops have a bit over 30k HP - mages of my level/BR take them down during the first 2 rounds with their AoE easily
        - dungeons, spire - mages are absolutely necessary in every dungeon

        Yeah, these new parts of the game empowered archers. But they empowered other classes more, IMO.

        Level is probably amongst the worst ways to guess someone's power. Check his BR and compare it to yours. Archers get more gold than the other two classes. Therefore it's likely that they will have better astrals and guild skills. Also, mages usually have bad PDEF and HP and will very likely die fast to direct PATK hits.


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          I agree archers def have the advantage lately. This is especially in PvP they just do way too much damage with critical. Plus they have the highest troops and can upgrade other stat upgrades so they can then up their stats even more. I should have chosen an archer dammit!


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            Originally posted by wickedsilk View Post
            yeah, these new parts of the game empowered archers. But they empowered mages more, imo.
            ftfy .