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Wartune puzzle game - 9 pictures - Guess where this is in Wartune?

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  • Wartune puzzle game - 9 pictures - Guess where this is in Wartune?

    Hey guys, wanna play a small fun game of "Guess where is this place in Wartune"?
    Here I show pictures of 9 locations from somewhere in Wartune and if you know where they are well just say it
    For fun don't look at other people's answers - write down your answers in notepad or something first

    I am bringing the pictures from my blog here, I usually post there first.
    So let's start:










  • BlueEarth
    I know #2 was in the farm, but my friends insisted it... Cause there are a lot of houses like that in Claristun

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    #1 - you got it

    #2 - Clarisun? really? Its much closer (hint: in farm :P)

    #3 - wow good one BlueEarth!

    #4 - nice one kattuktk - exactly GoD!

    #6 - correct BlueEarth!

    #7 - good eyes karruktk

    #5, #8, #9, - not found yet

    (not badlands #8 kattuktk :P)

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  • kattuktk
    1. The guy in the fight screen left of the HP bar
    2. Clastirun
    3. Some SPD's map picture i dont remember the name
    4. Can find that in a lot of places... one of them is the god dungeon
    5. ??
    7. MD first screen
    8. Badlands second screen
    9. Level 60+ SPD's i guess?

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    funny answer!! lol!

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  • BlueEarth
    Let me try this:

    1. The statue in the hall of heroes, but only color black
    2. Claristun.. the house of those cows.. lol
    3. Serpent's Den, a level 23-25 solo dungeon
    4. Erandel, probably?????????????
    5. ....
    6. Catacombs, they say... not me..
    7. Secret...
    8. I'm not gonna tell you this...
    9. No one should suppose to know where is this, so i will not tell :P

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