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    Just a suggestion, but maybe you should think about taking the servers down during times when at least 95% of your players can't get in? Or during times when the forums are getting flooded with "I can't log in!" posts. Ya know...times like the past 3 hours maybe?

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    I'd also maybe like to suggest that our downtime compensation for this be somewhat equivalent to what we've ll missed out on, and what others have gotten from it. A few mil gold and daru that others were able to get at WB because nobody was hardly there, a pile of insignia and mount whips that some of us have missed out on because we lost GB since we had fewer players who could log in than the other guild. Some ancient spirits that I wan't able to harvest before they got poached, and the ones I won't be able to plant in enough time to be able to get them before I go to work in the morning. That's all on top of the compensation for being locked out of the game for 3+ hours.


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      I agree servers should be taken down when something like this occurs. Much of wartune is based upon competitive gaming among its community, to the point where players keep each other "in check". For example, last night's WB, I was told took 50 minutes to kill; most players online at that time made at least 7M gold/daru - basically ~ 30 people hit the "jackpot" in Wartune. Unfortunately, this isn't exactly the lottery. Compensation is part of an issue, but the pack value really isn't the issue; it's the fact that there's always this "chosen" few that do not suffer the same fate as the rest of us and maintain connection when everyone else is off AND they get the compensation packs.

      Seriously, either "roll-back" (gold, daru, inventory, farm, etc.) servers to before these events begin for all players or take them down until these events are fixed, then compensate the players with packs evenly - this will eliminate the most severe issues with letting servers remain playable for few. We players, while upset that we might not be able to play the game at all, are actually angry that while we cannot, SOME still can.


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        I concur with this. This goes beyond being fair. I was one of those unfortunate few who was getting ready to do my cata blitz when this went down and missed 2nd wb and still can't get in but others had the option to do WB? Now that's FUBAR. Like its been suggested take down all the servers and reset everything back to before we had this issue. Its not fair to those of us who were doing something that caused it to freeze up.

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