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  • Cant login

    Some people out there can log in when most of us couldn't enter....

    So to make thing equal for the rest of us who cant log in and suffer a huge loss of ancient spirits, ancient seeds + insignia + pvp cross server point (due to skipping arena party) and honor + insignia from skipping GB...

    1) Could u deduct the ancients they got during this "cant log-in" for those who could log in and could steal with luxury?
    or just reset the steal log so that when all of us who cant log in finally able to enter the server still get the maximum amount of harvest...

    I mean heck i don't mind losing ancients if they are quicker than me in farming my plants lol...

    2) Even though it was the host problem, but still R2 is still responsible to deliver good service to its customers.. so as a part of good will from R2 side, the compensation should be good enough to cover all possible losses... honor, insignia, soul crystal, insignia etc. u name it which could be get if the realm wasnt broken....

    the last guild battle is very crucial cus it decide the guild rank... it can decide which guild can enter to gb next week or no... so i hope u can do something about it...