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Who for art thou, Wartuner ?

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    We'll not discuss age - let me just say I'm quite a few years older than any age put up here so far (retired). I remember Pong! It was all the rage when it came out. And, going back further, While in the US Air Force one of my Computer Maintenance friends actually built his own computer!!! It was an electronic slot machine and totally amazed us all!!!!

    I play a Knight and seem to like it. I think it's being undermined by some of the recent changes though. Still, I do a pretty fair job in the 1v1 Arena!

    Can't think of a class I'd like to see here that isn't already here. Afraid a new class would totally imbalance the game.

    Don't have a 'favorite' moderator. You all put up with a lot from us players (Yes me too - lol). You get to hear our rants when we feel R2 or 7Roads is messing up. I know you all can do little, but what you do manage t accomplish is certainly appreciated here!

    I give myself at least part of one day of Real Life -Sundays. I'll be AFK in about 3 hours until much later tonight.


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      Originally posted by Kitwritten View Post
      lol since the servers are down and the forums are quiet.... I thought it would be nice to actually get to know some of the players......

      I am in my 40's, veteran gamer that started back in the days of choose your own adventure books, pencil and paper D&D and AD&D, and the days when the trs 80, sinclair and other computers were just starting to hit the scene..... hell I was around when space invaders hit the scene....

      I have been in and around the gaming scene for so many years that there are times that I have to remind myself that I have been gaming longer than some gamers have been alive.......

      perfered character in Wartune : its a cross between a mage and a archer

      character/s I would love to see in wartune ? druid with the ability to summon animals as troops and hybrid offensive mage / defensive knight styles....

      would I be around in one year ? yes.....

      favourite staff member.... thats for me is hard as I know so many of the staff that the players do not get to meet......... Memorylane was the forum mod that I saw the most.. and shes one of the best forum mods I have met in my years of gaming...... stormaggedon, awesome admin, doing a hard job ( announcements and updates ).... shadowgammadraco and kagelol are fellow mods in other forums and top guys.......
      when you are working with a team like that, its hard to put any of them at your most fav.........

      gaming or real life ? gaming.... so many * worlds * to explore, people to meet , monsters to kill..... and I hate FB.....
      I remembered gary gygaz who passed away, playing board games dnd and porting his adventures into books aka world of grey hawk.
      Five Sylphs for the Heros in wartune,
      Two for the Whales in their deep blue ocean,
      Three for Mortal Men doomed to die,
      One for the Big Whales on their dark throne
      In the Land of Wartune where the heroes lie.
      One sylph to crush them all, One sylph to kill mobs,
      One sylph to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
      In the Land of Wartune where the Moby duck lie."


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        Originally posted by Kitwritten View Post
        lol since the servers are down and the forums are quiet.... I thought it would be nice to actually get to know some of the players......
        Evening all,

        I'm in my early thirties, I've been a competitive and into games and gaming all my life.

        Starting out in the early days with unreal tournament, M:tG, D&D, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer fantasy, Gurps, Battlelords, FOW - I'm as geeky as they come.

        Preferred Character: I'm a mage. Always a mage. In everything I do I am a mage.

        Wants: I'd love to see cross class skills, more merging of the class's, less defining points of each class.

        Staffie: I've only really met two. I aint chosing between the two till more of them make their acquaintance...

        Real life? I heard that they were releasing that soon? any news on the open beta?
        Originally posted by CreamySaucepan
        You are just a freakozoid... Monster of Frankenstein meets Jabba the Hutt... Frabba the Huttstein... :P
        Originally posted by CreamySaucepan
        Behind every fat Space Slug is a blood thirsty sociopath urging it on.


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          I may introduce myself.
          If I remember right im 15year younger or even more compared to the posters, hit 17 recently
          Started RPG when I was like 8-9, (Knight Online if anybody heard of it) and from then on. I.Was.Hooked.

          Some new class that's magic & p dmg maybe, but nothing that crusher our lovely very fragile balance.

          More skills!

          I've only seen Kit & the guy with ET avatar really...

          Real life vs Gaming... .... ... ... trying to figure something witty out but. There are two things I won't stop with til the day i die.
          Reading Fantasy literature & playing games
          S166. lvl: 78(soon/is)
          Mage: Existence (G.M)
          BR: 113k-ish 70 set's done!!


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            Originally posted by R21577189 View Post
            I remembered gary gygaz who passed away, playing board games dnd and porting his adventures into books aka world of grey hawk.
            Yeah. I was a heavy AD&D player!!! LOVED the game. A shame they didn't find a viable way to put it on-line! But, then again, there was the player interaction that would be hard to emulate on-line!


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              Lol, the only one younger than I am so far is Smoldering. My 21st BDay was last Jan.

              I've not really played many games, mostly just the Fighting and Strategies genre. It all started when I got beaten up in the National Karate tournament and managed to break my leg... Gotta do some butt kicking some where else I guess. Also a real sucker for good graphics. Unless I've heard about how good a game is from someone, no chance will it be looked at.

              Now... about Wartune, even though I like Knight better than Mage, but since I can help more people being a Mage, I tend to be more focused on my Mages. Have never laid my hands on Archer to be honest, just cause I don't like the looks of theirs. After a period of playing, seeing how they are, I became less interested on playing them.

              As for what I want for a character, I'd like a Knight, with a shield... They tricked us on those pictures showing Knights having shields...

              MemoryLane and KitWritten are both helpful as far as I've seen, Kit also manages to make me laugh more than often. I don't know much about the others though, I think they're more active on other subforums I guess. Still, they have my appreciation for dealing with every thing around here.

              Gaming is just another hobby of mine so I can't compare it to real life. Though I can make friends better while playing games. Common interests work wonders no?
              The Last Remnant OSTs Go!!!



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                Me: I am an early to mid thirties player, growing up on the standard of the time gaming consoles like Atari and NES, and though I enjoyed them, I was never one to spend much time one them, nor would I even call myself an avid gamer until maybe within the past couple years or so. Even then, it is still only for a few games. So while I now enjoy them greatly, I don't have very much time to play as I would like. And like Saucey and Ginger, I am here on WT thanks to all my Castle Age friends who started playing WT, as we all seem to migrate together after years of being friends, and you don't really want to see all those relationships fade.

                Preferred character in Wartune: Knight. Only Knight... Tried mage on another server and was so bored I'd want to kick my own *** if I could. Even less interest in playing an archer. I get a real sense of development and accomplishment when I succeed with my knight, that makes all the **** worthwhile. People may think I am crazy, but the hard road is what makes it so great.

                Character/s I would love to see in wartune?: I don't know about characters, but i would like to see some events, like a raid or something, where instead of fighting another guild in a guild battle, you fight a horde of minions, with your entire guild... like a real battle that carries the story of the game forward... which seems to be growing a bit stale, as we are relying solely on the dungeons to carry it forward. I like a little narrative to my games.

                Would I be around in one year?: Most likely, if my friends stay, and the game developer's don't nerf my character into the ground again... those are the reason's I left CA after all...

                Favourite staff member: I don't know any of the staff members...

                Gaming or real life: Real life, cause it's pretty high-stress (work in medical field), and I use/need the games as a tool to help me unwind and forget about all that **. But I love what I do, so I will always choose that, with a dash of this on the side.
                [S1] Temple of Ibalize


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                  I,m 59 and remember a whole lot before these type games came out and it is very interesting reading your posts. I have only been playing a couple of months.


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                    ... im 25 XD super addicted to games... mostly role-playing games...

                    perfered character in Wartune : Knight all the way... unless this game is like DotA then i'll go for mage.

                    character/s I would love to see in wartune ? new sub-abilities... im sticking with Knight... or make it into a Paladin or something

                    would I be around in one year ? yes..... probably

                    favourite staff member? Probably Kit since he's the one i see the most here on this forum

                    gaming or real life ? games... would love to make GAMES in real life. XD


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                      I am 42 and own quite a few of the old games. I am also a game collector with almost 13,000 games which i have collected over 30 years.

                      My first real game that got me into gaming on a big scale was Sid miers pirates on the commodore 64. I played that over and over again and spent months on it. Archon also had me hooked which was on the commodore floppy drive, kinda like a chess board but you went into battle with the different pieces (light vs dark).
                      Strategy and fantasy are my favorites so the first game i spent 6 months plus on was Heroes of might and magic 2 then 3 which is my favorite strategy game of all time. I have played everything from zelda to final fantasy and radiant silvergun on the saturn to halo on xbox.

                      Browsers games i choose to play free and if after 6 months or so if i like the game then i might put money into it. I do really like wartune but have realized that its not worth putting money into it because it would require so much money to compete with the other players.
                      There are some insane amounts of spending going on and way to many events that give a huge advantage to other players.
                      For me that takes the fun out the game because it means idiots with a wallet can outplay you with no real strategy.

                      Will i play on?? Yes i probably will unless it gets so crazy on pay to play that its not worth it no more.

                      Preferred character ---Knight ofc mages and archers are so easy to play with no real strategy to them.

                      Character i would like to see ---Necromancer who can revive the fallen in battle once per turn. (also summons the dead).

                      Real life first but if you have got the time GAME IT ALL THE WAY!!!

                      Staff i don't know any!!!

                      Most op Character--Has to be a mage (damage and heal )

                      Pro's of Wartune -- Great graphics,Plenty to do,Free to play Uncompetitively.

                      Con's of Wartune -- Lack of quests after you reach lv30,Repetitive late game,Pay to play advantages that spoil the game,No real strategy involved you can just buy your way to the top.


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                        I have might and might 6/7/8/9 and dark messiah... love the mandate of heaven most for ease of playing and day of the destroyer for characters
                        Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

                        R2 Serrin, My partner and fiancee, RIP 1971-2015
                        Cha bhi fios aire math an tobair gus an trÃ*igh e.


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                          Originally posted by bleedingxorange View Post
                          choose your own adventure books? What about Choose your own adventure games!? I to am old... and still remember the days of BBS and legend of the red dragon, Usurper and others.
                          I had a full collection of fighting fantasy books. Any remember "testing your luck"????


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                            - I am a Vietnam, I love this game. Although k fluent English that much but I feel good. Sometimes too inhibited for much of the time do not understand the task ="=
                            "CON GÁI LÀ ĐỂ YÊU, KHÔNG PHẢI ĐỂ HIỂU"


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                              42 years old here, Been playing FPS games for years RtCW Battlefiled series CoD Enemy Territories, Played D&D for allong time. Had every console growing up still have a few in a box somewhere taht I know still work.

                              PLayed all the classes into the 40s and settled with a Mage I like cooking things Archers are easy mode and just didnt have the patience for the Knights. The amount of money some spend on this game they should put that towards the social skills if they can. Jesus christ there are some rude people. anyways Ill most likley not be arond in a year.


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                                Click image for larger version

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                                this my wartune character ^^