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Who for art thou, Wartuner ?

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    Originally posted by CreamySaucepan View Post
    i thought R2 version was released in June (when we all moved from CA to VH on S1). I believe the Chinese version was released about 8 months before that, in late 2011?
    Ohhh, was jus going by what I was told when I joined s1, and something I read about Divine Comedy, my mistake ^^

    ~ Atoll is Purgatory for Wartuners ~


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      I'm a female in my 40's and work for a gaming company

      Love all types of gaming, PC, Console, Web based, board games

      Astroids was the first game I ever played other than Pong
      The next time somebody announces that he plans to get Medieval on you, tell him you're going to get Renaissance on his gonads


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        perfered character in Wartune : Archer

        character/s I would love to see in wartune ? I am quite content with the current lineup

        would I be around in one year ? As long as there is a server online I will continue my quest

        favourite staff member.... have yet to meet any

        gaming or real life ? Is there a separation of the two?


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          I am about the same old school gamer of 26 years i've studied and mastered war strategy it's my passion so wartune is perfect for me. My character is a mage centered on mattk and crit so i am a archer mage feel free to look me up i'm on server 1 us west Officer of the guild Valor Amber Dawn is my name I'm very easy to find hehe


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            Let's see, I remember playing Space invaders a couple times, not really my kind of game though. I played Duck hunter, made it glitch, and figured out how to almost always nail those ducks. Took like an hour. Didn't really get into gaming until Final Fantasy VIII. 80 hours of game on 4 CD's on the PlayStation and a final boss battle that took a full hour with all the best weapons and took like 3 tries including a full restart on the game. These 90 second battles are short, but I am more busy now, so it's all cool. I play mage. I guess it's supposed to be hard or something, I can't tell. I like my little artillery cannon. Is the game perfect? No, but Im not a teen age whiner either.
            I'm a teen of the 80's. Our childhood heroes did crack, screamed a lot, and bit the heads off live bats on stage. Dancing with the devil under the pale moon light was for Hollyweird pansies like Jack Nicholson. We re-invented Molon Labe before it was cool. If my attitude scares you, it cause you are a child of 30 or less or a spineless Baby Boomer. Please grow up.


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              dizzy on the spectrum with **** drive


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                annnnnnndddddddd........... we are down for maintenance once again


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                  Age: Too old to still lose so much time with games, too young to lose so many cool games.

                  Gamer: Since the begining of my life, my first console was a chines replica of SNES, so many hours of Mario, Contra, Tanks, etc

                  Preferred character in Wartune: Started with an Archer, paseed by a Tank and settled on a cool Mage.

                  Character I'd love to see in Wartune?: Dagerer, Summoner

                  Would I be around in a year?: I hope so

                  Favorite Staff Member?: google is the best friend to solve my online problems

                  Gaming or Real Life?: The real life and what you can do is very dependent of money, while the gaming is almost infinite..


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                    Age: 23, going on 24. Doh.

                    Truth being told, I am not the gaming kind of person. When my friend introduced me to Wartune, I already told her, I'm sure I won't stick around.
                    Here I am now, with a level 61 archer - completely hooked. :I

                    When I first started out Wartune, I went with a knight. Reaching lvl. 16, I gave up and went for a mage. I absolutely ADORE the mage, which is also my fave.
                    But, with my gaming experience, my mage was as weak as idk what, so I quit again and went for an archer, and stuck with it.

                    Not sure which character I'd love to see in Wartune...

                    I'm not sure if I'll be around in another year from now, but I guess only time will tell. Mwuaha.

                    I'd go for real life if I'd had to choose between gaming and RL. But if it wasn't for this game, I would've missed some nice friends .
                    AND, a lover. Hehe. <3
                    Name: Mynx
                    Guild: REBELS.
                    Class: Archer.
                    Level: 61.
                    Server: S207

                    FutureWifey to FutureHub!


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                      Hello kit just wanted to say hi imma 55k br crit mage from server us west 1 Name is HeavensFury my home is In the Guild Valor this game has me under a spell i love it and im good at it if u have any pull please hit em up to bring the event for appollos clothing and happy hunting


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                        Originally posted by GingerTheHutt View Post
                        Staffie: I've only really met two. I aint chosing between the two till more of them make their acquaintance...
                        *still not choosing... even though I've met a third one now...
                        Originally posted by CreamySaucepan
                        You are just a freakozoid... Monster of Frankenstein meets Jabba the Hutt... Frabba the Huttstein... :P
                        Originally posted by CreamySaucepan
                        Behind every fat Space Slug is a blood thirsty sociopath urging it on.


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                          hi I'm still in 20s, played most FF series and chrono trigger, breath of fire 1-4, Pokemon on PS1, PSX, PSP, SNES and ofc Gameboy. most games i played are in 90s

                          Preferred character in Wartune: Mage and Knight

                          Character I'd love to see in Wartune?: real reason why im posting here is I'd like to see a Cross-Characters and the Mastery Characters
                          Cross - Characters
                          (Knight x Mage) = Paladin
                          (Knight x Archer) = Thief
                          (Mage x Knight) = Paladin
                          (Mage x Archer) = Elves
                          (Archer x Knight) = Thief
                          (Archer x Mage) = Elves

                          Mastery Characters
                          Mage to Sage
                          Knight to King
                          Archer to Gunner

                          *well, im not sure if R2 will pull this off

                          Would I be around in a year?: Im gettin there

                          Favorite Staff Member?: Can't see any staff that is active so far

                          Gaming or Real Life?: Real life ofc but gaming is fun
                          Last edited by Grave_Digger; 08-09-2013, 03:18 AM.


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                            57 yrs, MD. A Gamer since the Text Based RPGs. My favorites are old classical DOS FPSs´. There was joy of invention in those games.
                            Mage lvl 60, a light casher, just opening sockets.


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                              Originally posted by Kitwritten View Post
                              lol since the servers are down and the forums are quiet.... I thought it would be nice to actually get to know some of the players......

                              I am in my 40's, veteran gamer that started back in the days of choose your own adventure books, pencil and paper D&D and AD&D, and the days when the trs 80, sinclair and other computers were just starting to hit the scene..... hell I was around when space invaders hit the scene....

                              I have been in and around the gaming scene for so many years that there are times that I have to remind myself that I have been gaming longer than some gamers have been alive.......

                              perfered character in Wartune : its a cross between a mage and a archer

                              character/s I would love to see in wartune ? druid with the ability to summon animals as troops and hybrid offensive mage / defensive knight styles....

                              would I be around in one year ? yes.....

                              favourite staff member.... thats for me is hard as I know so many of the staff that the players do not get to meet......... Memorylane was the forum mod that I saw the most.. and shes one of the best forum mods I have met in my years of gaming...... stormaggedon, awesome admin, doing a hard job ( announcements and updates ).... shadowgammadraco and kagelol are fellow mods in other forums and top guys.......
                              when you are working with a team like that, its hard to put any of them at your most fav.........

                              gaming or real life ? gaming.... so many * worlds * to explore, people to meet , monsters to kill..... and I hate FB.....
                              late 20s
                              first gaming system was the Fairchild system, I'd probably still be playing quadradoodle and those games quite happily if it didn't connect to a tv via uhf/vhf wire on screw connecters that tvs don't have anymore and if the system hadn't stopped working and my father who is a master electrician couldn't fix it and tried to have it repaired professionally and they couldn't fix it either.

                              hopefully in the next couple years I will remember to find and get a new rf adapter or av cables for my n64 so I can start playing goldeneye again I miss playing that game

                              In wartune haven't tried a knight yet, but like the mage as long as people stop insisting mages are only for healing others and let me be a mostly attack mage, and the archer I just made recently is amazingly fun to play, even more fun then I would have ever expected.

                              Characters would love to see in wartune: A water-based mage, enough with nearly every single spell being fire based, so annoying and stereotypical. some water spells would be awesome both for healing and attack mage play styles. also it would be nice if mages could summon elementals or have a blessing bestowed upon everyone in their party in mp dungeons or something.

                              don't know any staff members yet so cant pick a favorite

                              gaming or real life? can't decide, depends on my mood at any given time.

                              Will I be around in one year? yes, as long as the game is still here.
                              Oh, and my characters so far:
                              Lvl 50 Mage on Kabam S8
                              Lvl 38 Mage on R2 S269
                              Lvl 31 Archer on R2 S316

                              Character Name ♥Neshama♥ Was LevanaMaya for the two mages but changed because it wouldn't let me put hearts beside that name and because I found the name Neshama and liked it better.
                              Last edited by LevanaMaya; 08-21-2013, 02:56 AM. Reason: Added Character Info


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                                Age- 22
                                I play computer games, console games and dota with friends. Wartune is my first online game that I've played and I'm hooked
                                Trying to register on this forum since I've started playing a year ago but only able to recently with the help of friend. ( who the hell would think of registering first at R2 games to get here )
                                I play mage and archer in Kabam sever and I like both ^ ^
                                Classes like to see in wartune- summoners, heros that summon pets or other animals to fight for them
                                And yes I'll be around another year as long as my friends are still playing.
                                Gaming or real life- if i can choose freely, gaming duh! hehe
                                :o Bacon FTW :o
                                Kabam s1- Mage