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DNS issues 04/12-04/13

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  • DNS issues 04/12-04/13

    lets see, now i lost chance to attend world boss which i can get aprox 500k daru n gold, yesterday i lost my chance to rise honor coz i cant attend guild battle. doblehonor scroll is useless for low level player whom regularly can get honor by attending guild battle, so please give us comfortable in playing this game, please give honor compensation, sorry if my english bad

    cloudx guild GARUDA s74

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    just need to ask... is the server up yet? and how to fix the 7/16 loading error? anyone got that error? thanks


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      i got that error too .. can't go further than 7/16 loading settings ...


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        How I got back in the game:
        Go to and change your DNS server to google free DNS server, then clear your web browser cache and see if that gets you back in the game. Also if game page seem not to load fully, hold ctrl key and hit F5. I used the DNS IPv6 addresses.
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