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Guild Upgrades: Tower or Shop level 10 first?

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  • Guild Upgrades: Tower or Shop level 10 first?

    While wartune servers were down, a few of us went on mIRC to tchit chat, then came the guild upgrade discussion / debate. Now with forums back up, might as well spread the debate on the forums.

    So: What do YOU think? Tower lvl 10 for skills, or shop level 10 for mount / legendary tokens as a priority? And most importantly: WHY?

    I do have my personal arguments about this, but I'll keep them for myself as I want to see YOUR opinions about it.

    Thanks for taking 30 seconds to reply the thread!

    P.S. There is a poll you can answer just on top of the page here. Thank you again!
    Skill Tower
    Guild Shop
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    I'd go for the shop first to start collecting the stones that take ages anyways, and then by the time you get the tower you should have 1 piece worth of stones.


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      It really depends on the type of the guild you're in.

      For example, I'm in an old, but weak guild. We don't have a lot of people above lvl 60 (due to merges), but a bunch of those between 40 and 59, some of which are delaying on 59 on purpose. We don't have a lot of VIPs. I decided to level skills for my guild first, as it gives more raw power (the mount gives +30 to all stats, skills give more bonuses to more stats plus you get the power in 10M gold increments, instead of 50M).

      A lot of the other guilds with a lot of VIPs and high levels (usually VIPs are higher) get the shop first.

      However, I'd recommend getting your altar to (at least) 7 before upgrading any of these to 10, as people need something to spend their contribution after they get the mount/skills - I got skills in 2 weeks, but the cooldown is almost 2 months. Getting mostly astrals now.


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        Smart money says skill tower, but the shop has oodles of goodies in it. Chances are you are rich enough to get one, buy out the cool down, and just get the other one too!
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          Id say shop first for mount.


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            Simple math will tell you that the mount isn't worth getting until you have appropriate skills at level 10. So it comes down to how many people in your guild want to start working on level 60 legend stones right now as oppose to next month.


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                If the majority of your guild are active and able to bump good amount of gold for Contribution, Shop is better. If they are a bit slow, go with Skills since the cool down for either of them last for a while (like more than a month).
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                  Skills no question. 30 million gold gets you patk/matk, endurance and defence level 10. THe shop 50 million gold gets you the mount. The 3 sets of level 10 skills give you more power and br then the mount. Legendarys are way too costly. Easier to farm them.


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                    I think it all depends on your guild. We asked the same question and came up with shop first in one guild, then in another guild it was decided that skills should be done 1st.

                    Do what is best for the guild as a whole. If everyone already max skills, then the skill tower is the way to go.
                    On the other hand if you do the shop, then everyone can start buying Legend stones (lv60) in anticipation of getting the 60 set. This way, when they do gain the 60 set, people already have a number of stones to legend it and don't have to farm as many.


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                      I'm with shop. Most people will be at 59, or just over 60 (as with our guild) at this time. People are still saving up for current skills as is. Give people a reason to contribute to guild =P Keep up the funds. Shards and mount.


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                        Funny Factâ„¢: from reading people's replies, it is a 50/50 basically between each upgrades. But looking at the poll, it is about 75/25 for skill tower. I'm confused lol
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                        Dragon Pals - S6 Emerald Isle
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                          29 votes, how many people posted?


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                            I would say guild tower beat shops. Reason for this is that if your debating which one to get, that means there both at lvl 9, and the only extra things the shop will get at lvl 10 would be Horse and lvl 60 leg stones. Its a simple fact taht with 50 million gold you would gain more power increasing ur guild skills rather than buying the horse. And as for the lvl 60 leg stones, they are super expensive and the best mode for you to get them would be to farm them in temple nm, and to be able to beat the first boss in temple nm, having ur guild skills maxed will help a lot.


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                              Shop first for buy one mount card a day and 5 legeds stones for the limit.

                              Before you have CD out you have the mount and keep buy stones 5 a day, and save 2.5m+ a day for buy the skills frome the tower.
                              But works only for Archers some can keep get 5m+ a day.
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