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  • High BR player

    So first time entering the Battlegrounds a week back, and i was surprised to see a level 51 with 47k BR.

    How is that possible?
    I am not calling cheat or anything, but am quite amazed how he has stayed at that level, and has that BR.
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    It is very likely that he/she delayed on lvl 49, got a high rank (knight or elite crusader) and then is afraid for his/her honor and delayed on lvl 50 with talents. Also, it is very likely that he/she's potted.

    But I agree, 47k BR for a lvl 51 is incredibly high. 30k BR is more than enough to own the 40-49 BG and get max honor there, so it is a bit odd. But not impossible.


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      Lol, I've seen 2 level 53 with 60k+ BR. Maybe they buffed, but that would be about 50k+ base BR. Cash can make you see surprising numbers.
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        .... Here i think the 40k+ 55 knight is a monster in our server, I am just happy im not at his/her server^^


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          Even more likely, they're a big casher who potted.


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            Or they are a new player that bought 200k of balens and therefore got infinate gems and other stuff for free(ish)


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              it is very possible to level sit and build BR.....players can farm the catacombs to level 99 for gems, use the GB for the whips and soul crystals etc etc.... they do not have to do the exp gaining dungeons or other areas of the game that help players pack on the exp gains.....

              some of the games best players, use the same tactics... and yes, got reported as hackers / cheaters and were cleared of any wrong doing....
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