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Looking for Player CRAD

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  • Looking for Player CRAD

    i dont know what server they are on if any one has any helpful info thatd be great. they are a good friend i met along time ago and they found me in a cross server battle grounds almost a month ago and ive been searching them out ever since. any info would be great thank you any one willing to help. Crad is a male character but a female player on my reg server her game name is cRaZy4yOu any actuall info would be great thanks all
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    Star_Ocean and I are one and the same she has been a great friend and i need to find her. Please help


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      any info is great and helpful


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        If she's an old friend, can't you e-mail her and (re)connect that way? Then ask for their server # etc?
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          via email, twitter, or facebook she is next to impossible to talk to


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            Then your chances are pretty slim.


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              just keep on doing the bg when u face her again check the ranking list and note the server she is on this may your best way byfar, or search all the character names on the crossserver ranking list if she has a rank she might popup,
              frankly i have a seen a player named by " crazy4you" in about lvl 40 - 50 i guess but i remember the character been a "she"