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winged suggestion

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  • winged suggestion

    I feel and i think others will agree with me on this suggestion.

    I think when it goes to the cross over server battlegrounds / arena u should make different ones for people that have wings and others that dont.

    I know ur going to says probably "NO" b/c thats your way of getting people to spend money.

    But the thing is not alot of people of the extra money to spend and its getting ignoring fighting the same people over and over. like today in my crossover arena we ended up against the same

    winged team at less 10 times, that is bull **** there should be a limit to how many times u go against the same team.

    Also if u think not doing this suggesstion, u could ended up losing more money then what u would make b/c the fact is people that dont have much would sooner or later quit and then the

    winged people wont have to spend much either b/c there wouldnt be any1 to go against.

    Also i have been on the actually game of ************ and alot of people from r2 have been there b/c of the **** of your servers crashing the last few days and you guys give us **** for compensation. u need to give every1 and just a few people the compensation like u have in the event prizes tab that **** only some people can get it. EVERYONE DESIRES COMPENSATION and just a few people.