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500 Balenas system payment is broken!

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  • 500 Balenas system payment is broken!

    now 3 days ago i buy 1000 balenas from .iestarday i tried to buy 500 balens when i recharged my credit card visa whit 4.50 euro and when i tried to buy another 500 balenas it tels me that i do not have enoght money on card and i know that ahve the money, today i checked the card and i have 4.56 euro on it, 500 balenas cost 4.01 euro on the sop payment from recharge button in game.Please annount hare when you fix the inssue whit the price, i want to have my 500 balenas in game.

    thanks and bye
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    file a ticket using the links in my sig..... R2 admin are the people you need to make contact with, when it comes to payment issues
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