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Player Duel, Group Chat and New Titles

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  • HolyHolli
    started a topic Player Duel, Group Chat and New Titles

    Player Duel, Group Chat and New Titles

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    1. Duel or Challenge,
    It's a little inconvenient to enter the Altar of Ennoblement in order to duel a player online. How about adding a Duel or Challenge option?
    Since players get stronger daily, whether it be Troops, Battle Rating or they simply want to try a new skill rotation or build, it would be a great addition.
    The other player would have a choice to Accept or Decline a duel invitation.

    [Optional] For each duel you win, you're rewarded with an [x] amount of gold (up to 100k per day) or something like that.

    2. Group Chat
    Let's face it, it can be quite bothersome having 5 or 10 separate PMs open. Especially when chatting with players in other guilds.
    The only option we really have to chat with a group is in the Hall of Hero's, but only with a maximum of 4 players.
    How about an option to invite multiple players into a group chat channel? Maybe to discuss guild issues, new strategies for guild battles, or to just have a laugh with all of your friends.

    New Titles
    [Solo Arena] Titles for winning 20, 50 & 100 Challenges in a row. (Ex: 20x - Chief 50x - World Class 100x - Undefeated)

    Thanks so much for your time. Please give some feedback or +1!

  • HolyHolli
    Yeah there is always the option of group chatting through other means, but that puts you outside of the game right?
    Thanks for your feedback!

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  • e314159
    Well... in our server, we solved the dueling problem by deciding "Power of Titans" would be the official dueling room. (Armor games, S2). Works well.

    But i must agree that group chats would be great. I've set an IRC server for my guild, and we use it when we need that kind of chat... but it's a bit constraining...

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